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Illustrations - 11
Christmas - 6
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Countryman in London - 3
Fire - 3
Soldiers - 2

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25F36(GOOSE) - 10
25F23(FOX) - 1
25F23(FOX)(+452) - 1
25F37(GULL) - 1
25F6 - 1

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1650-1700 - 1
1750-1800 - 6
1800-1850 - 18
1850-1900 - 8
Ireland - 1
Oxford (England) - 1
South America - 1
Bodleian Harding - 23
Bodleian Firth - 12
Bodleian John Johnson - 12
Bodleian Douce - 1
Bodleian Rare Books - 1
Moore, Thomas, 1779-1852 - 2
C., G.S. - 1
Chandler, John W. - 1
Dibdin, Charles, 1768-1833 - 1
Dodsworth, T. - 1

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Breeze, Harry - 1
Jennings, William - 1
[s.n.] - 6
Butler, J. - 3
Grundy, J. - 3
Hodges, E.M.A. - 3
Lewis, G. - 3

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London - 24
[s.l.] - 5
Worcester - 4
Manchester - 2
Birmingham - 1

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Illustration - 4th Illustration on Bod19486

IconClass Codes:
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose

Ballad Work - Roud Number: V1761

The Christmas goose
The wonderful Christmas goose

First Lines:
Now Christmas has again arrived


Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod9297

IconClass Codes:
33B9: Flight, running away; pursuing
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose
44G54: Thief

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod7765

IconClass Codes:
44G544: Theft
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose
34F12: Man killing animal

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod8661

IconClass Codes:
25F23(FOX): Beasts of prey, predatory animals: fox
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod18049

IconClass Codes:
43C911: Man dancing alone
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose
48B143: Artist training pupils

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod20420

IconClass Codes:
46A22: Contrast between urban and rural life; city dweller versus country dweller
48C85: Theatre, theatrical performance
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose
84(MOTHER GOOSE): Tales and fairy tales (with TITLE)

Ballad Work - Roud Number: V1759

The cobler and goose
The cobbler and his goose
A cobbler and his goose

First Lines:
A cobbler lived at Yor[k]
A cobler lived at York
A cobbler lived at York


Illustration - 3rd Illustration on Bod4141

IconClass Codes:
46C132: Riding on animal other than horse, ass, or mule
47H71: Tailor, dressmaker
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose

Illustration - 3rd Illustration on Bod9783

IconClass Codes:
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose
25F23(FOX)(+452): Beasts of prey, predatory animals: fox (+ animal with prey)

Ballad Work - Roud Number: V1757

The goose club!
The goose club

First Lines:
Joe Pickles to his spouse did say
Joe Pickles to his wife did say


Ballad Work - Roud Number: V1760

The policeman and the goose

First Lines:
My friends you know it's Christmas time


Ballad Work - Roud Number: 1615

The wonderful sucking pig

First Lines:
You have all heard talk of the Christmas goose

Edition - Bod18137

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Ballad - Roud Number: V32365

Title: [None]

First Line: Victoria, to support her throne

Themes:  Counting gamesMother Goose

Harding B 26(708)

Notes:  Slip

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Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod5690

IconClass Codes:
45C16(CANNON)(+1): Firearms: cannon (+ during the battle)
25F6: Fishes
25F37(GULL): Shore-birds and wading-birds: gull
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod4932

IconClass Codes:
44C312: Political caricatures and satires
61B2(Fox, Charles James, 1749-1806): Historical person (with NAME)
48C8521: Actor (on the stage)
25F36(GOOSE): Water-birds: goose

Ballad Work - Roud Number: 19760

A bundle of truths
A tailor's goose can never fly
All truth and no lies; or, A tailor's goose will never fly

First Lines:
Barney Bodkin broke his nose
You tradesmen all I pray attend


Ballad Work - Roud Number: V8723

John Grouse & Mother Goose
John Grouse and Mother Goose

First Lines:
I be come up to London, that whirligig plaee [sic]
I be come up to London, that whirligig place

Countryman in London

Ballad Work - Roud Number: V5502

The shop on fire. Parody on \"The ship on fire\"
Shop on fire

First Lines:
The goose on the shopboard was worked pretty fast
The goose on the shopboard was work'd pretty fast


Ballad Work - Roud Number: V1828

A Vestrician dish, or Caper sauce for a goose pye

First Lines:
If a fox should appear from a pilfering band

Ballad Work - Roud Number: V1764

The great fat goose

First Lines:
Now Christmas it is drawing nigh

South America

St. Paul's cathedral$zLondon

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod23019

IconClass Codes:
34B2332: Geese (domestic waterbirds)
47(+9641): Crafts and industries (+ slaughtered animal)

Ballad Work - Roud Number: V1762

The goose hangs high

First Lines:
Come, listen to my rhyming, and I'll not detain you long

American Civil War, 1861-1865

Edition - Bod10076

Imprint Names:  Such, H.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1863 and 1885

Imprint: H. Such, Machine Printer and Publisher, 177, Union Street, Borough

Ballad - Roud Number: V1761

Title: The wonderful Christmas goose

First Line: Now Christmas has again arrived

Themes:  Christmas

Firth c.19(245)

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Edition - Bod10201

Imprint Names:  Pratt, W.

Imprint Locations:  Birmingham

Date  c.1850

Imprint: W. Pratt, Printer, 82, Digbeth, Birmingham

Ballad - Roud Number: 7758

Title: Billy Barlow

First Line: O when I was born, says old mother Goose

Firth c.20(14)

Notes:  Slip

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Firth c.21(157)

Notes:  Slip

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