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Edition - Bod11546

Imprint Names:  Birt, T.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1828 and 1829

Imprint: Printed by T. Birt, No. 10, Great St. Andrew-Street, Seven Dials

Ballad - Roud Number: V4498

Title: The lamentation in Newgate of the police-man, who boned the mutton

First Line: I once was a policeman

Subjects:  Peel, Robert, Sir, 1788-1850

Themes:  Police

Harding B 11(2045)

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Johnson Ballads 27

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Edition - Bod11332

Imprint Names:  Laurie and Whittle

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  1809

Imprint: Published, 23d January, 1809, By Laurie and Whittle, No. 53, Fleet Street, London

Series Identifier: 505

Ballad - Roud Number: V1896

Title: The ghost of a scrag of mutton

First Line: A scholar one time, tho' I can't tell you when

Authors:  Dibdin, Charles, 1768-1833

Performers:  SmithReeves, Sims, 1818-1900

Performance Locations:  Sadler's Wells Theatre

Harding B 10(4)

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Johnson Ballads fol. 72

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Edition - Bod1572

Imprint Names:  Walker, G., jun.

Imprint Locations:  Durham

Date  between 1834 and 1886

Imprint: G. Walker, Jun., Printer, Sadler-Street, Durham

Series Identifier: 114

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V1896

Title: The ghost of a grim scrag of mutton

First Line: A scholar one time, though I can't tell you when

Subjects:  Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821

Themes:  Students

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V17204

Title: Sue & Joe; or, You bade me be obliging

First Line: Around the face of blue-eyed Sue

Themes:  Taverns

3rd Ballad - Roud Number: V1171

Title: Kate Kearney

First Line: Oh! did you not hear of Kate Kearney?

Subjects:  Ireland

2806 c.16(127)

Notes:  2806 c.16(127); printed on blue paper.

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Harding B 11(1308)

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Johnson Ballads 1598

Notes:  Johnson Ballads 1598; printed on blue paper.

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Edition - Bod18871

Imprint Names:  Pitts, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1819 and 1844

Imprint: Pitts, Toy Warehouse, 6, Great Andrew street Seven Dials

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V7601

Title: Heavy wet

First Line: Heavy wet, heavy wet still I cry

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V4494

Title: Mutton chops

First Line: Mutton chops, mutton chops, chops I cry

3rd Ballad

Title: Cherry bounce

First Line: Cherry bounce, cherry bounce, bounce I cry

4th Ballad - Roud Number: V3207

Title: L. A, W --Law

First Line: Come list to me for a minute

5th Ballad - Roud Number: V5740

Title: Poor Mary Anne

First Line: Here, below the green turf, sleepeth poor Mary Anne!

6th Ballad - Roud Number: V347

Title: Cherry ripe

First Line: Cherry ripe, ripe, ripe, I cry

Themes:  Street traders

7th Ballad - Roud Number: V3484

Title: Taste, O taste this spicy wine

First Line: Taste, O! taste this spicy wine

Themes:  Wine

8th Ballad - Roud Number: V1271

Title: The female auctioneer

First Line: Well, here I am, and what of that

9th Ballad - Roud Number: 2390

Title: Long time I've courted you miss

First Line: Long time I've courted you, miss

10th Ballad - Roud Number: V7542

Title: Pretty miss Rose, the shroud maker

First Line: Not far from Fleet market, a man did reside

11th Ballad - Roud Number: 14076

Title: March! march!

First Line: March! march! Ettrick and Teviot dale

Authors:  Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832

Performers:  Braham, John, 1774-1856

12th Ballad - Roud Number: 21256

Title: Ben Backstay the boatswain

First Line: Ben Backstay was our boatswain very merry boy

Authors:  Dibdin, Charles, 1768-1833

Themes:  Sailors

13th Ballad - Roud Number: V698

Title: Girl of my heart

First Line: I have parks, I have grounds

Authors:  Rannie, John

Themes:  WealthMarriage proposals

14th Ballad - Roud Number: V3015

Title: Poll of Wapping stairs

First Line: Your landsmen's wives with all their airs

Authors:  Dibdin, Thomas, 1771-1841Reeves, Sims, 1818-1900

Notes:  Music by Sims Reeves.

15th Ballad - Roud Number: V20022

Title: Blue eyed Mary

First Line: Pretty blue-ey'd Mary

Johnson Ballads fol. 140

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Edition - Bod10666

Imprint Names:  Catnach, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1813 and 1838

Imprint: Printed by J. Catnach, 2, Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V4499

Title: A three-part parody on Cherry ripe. Heavy wet. Mutton chops. Cherry bounce

First Line: Heavy wet, heavy wet, still I cry

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V13755

Title: Mary's lament

First Line: My heart will not break, and my eyes will not weep

3rd Ballad - Roud Number: V5234

Title: Green leaves turned yellow

First Line: A sage once to a maiden sung

4th Ballad

Title: [None]

First Line: Together let us range the fields

Performers:  Braham, John, 1774-1856Stephens, Catherine, 1794-1882

5th Ballad - Roud Number: V17328

Title: Paul Pry. A new song

First Line: Dear ladies my name's Paul Pry

Notes:  Verse and prose.

6th Ballad - Roud Number: 13215

Title: Native Highland home

First Line: My Highland home where tempests blow

Performers:  Sinclair, John, 1791-1857

7th Ballad - Roud Number: 24850

Title: Those endearing charms

First Line: Believe it all those endearing young charms

8th Ballad - Roud Number: V14058

Title: Pity the orphan

First Line: O winter is set in

Authors:  Seymour, John

Themes:  Orphans

9th Ballad - Roud Number: V1089

Title: Bruce's address to his army

First Line: Near Bannockburn king Edward lay

Authors:  Burns, Robert, 1759-1796

Johnson Ballads fol. 20

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