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Sheet - Harding B 18(412)

Imprint Names:  De Marsan, H.

Imprint Locations:  New York, N.Y.

Date  c.1860

Notes:  Border: Clown.

Ballad - Roud Number: 1958

Title: Pulling hard against the stream

First Line: In the world I've gained my knowledge

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Sheet - Harding B 41(2)

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Ballad - Roud Number: V7521

Title: Johnny and Mary

First Line: Down the bourn and thro' the mead

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Sheet - Johnson Ballads fol. 412

Imprint Names:  Swindells

Imprint Locations:  Manchester

Date  between 1796 and 1853

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V20050

Title: Ben Backstay

First Line: Ben Backstay lov'd the gentle Anna

Authors:  Dibdin, Charles, 1745-1814

Themes:  Sailors

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: 949

Title: The storm

First Line: Cease rude Boreas, blust'ring railer

Authors:  Stevens, George Alexander, 1710-1784

Themes:  Sailors

3rd Ballad - Roud Number: V3207

Title: L, A, W, Law

First Line: Come list to me for a minute

4th Ballad - Roud Number: 5510

Title: Charlie is my darling

First Line: Charlie is my darling, my darling, my darling

Themes:  Jacobite Rebellion, 1745

5th Ballad - Roud Number: 370

Title: Dawning of the day

First Line: As I walk'd forth one morning fair, all in the summer time

6th Ballad - Roud Number: 398

Title: Caroline of Edinburgh town

First Line: Come all young men & maidens attend unto my rhyme

7th Ballad - Roud Number: 13848

Title: Cabin boy

First Line: The sea was rough, the clouds were dark

Authors:  Dibdin, Thomas, 1771-1841

Themes:  Sailors

8th Ballad - Roud Number: V6189

Title: Love has eyes

First Line: Love's blind they say, O never, nay

9th Ballad - Roud Number: V6714

Title: Hope told a flattering tale

First Line: Hope told a flattering tale

10th Ballad - Roud Number: V17204

Title: Welcome to the Bell

First Line: Around the face of blue-eyed Sue

Themes:  Taverns

11th Ballad - Roud Number: 1235

Title: Here's a health to all good lasses

First Line: Here's a health to all good lasses

Themes:  Drinking

12th Ballad - Roud Number: V5272

Title: Is there a heart

First Line: Is there a heart that never loved?

13th Ballad - Roud Number: V4301

Title: Life's a bumper

First Line: Life's a bumper fill'd by fate

14th Ballad - Roud Number: 126

Title: Derby ram

First Line: As I was going to Derby, all on a market day

Subjects:  Derby (England)

Themes:  Markets

15th Ballad - Roud Number: V3516

Title: Sweet evening bells

First Line: Sweet evening bells, sweet evening bells

Themes:  Bells

16th Ballad - Roud Number: 13749

Title: The banks of the blue Moselle

First Line: When the glow-worm gilds the elfin flow'r

17th Ballad - Roud Number: V220

Title: The bloom is on the rye

First Line: My pretty Jane! my pretty Jane!

Authors:  Fitzball, Edward, 1792-1873

18th Ballad - Roud Number: V443

Title: Kitty Jones

First Line: Not long ago a simple lad, from Yorkshire I did roam

19th Ballad

Title: They march'd thro' the town

First Line: Oh! they march'd thro' the town with their banners so gay

20th Ballad - Roud Number: 13896

Title: Begone dull care

First Line: Begone dull care, I prithee begone from me

21st Ballad - Roud Number: 23518

Title: Old English gentleman

First Line: I'll sing you a good old song

22nd Ballad - Roud Number: V4849

Title: Little love is a mischievous thing

First Line: Little love is a mischievous thing

23rd Ballad - Roud Number: V1660

Title: Here in a cool grot

First Line: Here in a cool grot and mossy cell

24th Ballad - Roud Number: V238

Title: Bid me discourse

First Line: Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear

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Sheet - Firth b.25(412)

Imprint Names:  Hodges, E.M.A.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1846 and 1854

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V3464

Title: Take tea in the arbour

First Line: What pleasures folk feel when they live out of town

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V28176

Title: The village rose

First Line: I saw the village rose this morn

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Sheet - Harding B 11(412)

Imprint Names:  Forth, J.

Imprint Locations:  Pocklington

Series Identifier: 132

1st Ballad - Roud Number: 1185

Title: Bonny light horseman slain in the wars

First Line: Ye maidens, wives, and widows too, give attention

Themes:  Soldiers - death in battle

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: 918

Title: Monkey turned barber

First Line: A frolicksome spark in Dublin did dwell

Themes:  Irish - EnglandBarbers

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Sheet - Harding B 4(12)

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Ballad - Roud Number: V9923

Title: The Oxfordshire tragedy; or, the Death of four lovers

First Line: Near Woodstock-town in Oxfordshire

Themes:  Love, unfortunate

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Sheet - Johnson Ballads 412

Imprint Names:  Fortey, W.S.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1858 and 1885

Ballad - Roud Number: V4249

Title: Dialogue between Death and a sinner

First Line: Death. Now sinner come by Heaven's decree

Themes:  Death

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Sheet - Douce Ballads 4(12)

Imprint Names:  Dicey, W. and C.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1736 and 1763

Ballad - Roud Number: V25388

Title: Delightful Thomas: or, Weeping Kate's lamentation

First Line: Brisk Tom and jolly Kate


ESTC: T206135

Themes:  Seduction

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Sheet - 2806 c.17(412)

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Notes:  Slip

Ballad - Roud Number: 13449

Title: Sweet home

First Line: Mid pleasure and palaces

Authors:  Payne, John Howard, 1791-1852

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Sheet - Firth c.12(412)

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Notes:  Slip

Series Identifier: 46

Ballad - Roud Number: 886

Title: The wonderful crocodile

First Line: Now list ye landsmen all to me

Subjects:  Egypt

Themes:  Crocodiles

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Sheet - Firth b.26(412)

Imprint Names:  Sanderson

Imprint Locations:  Edinburgh

Date  between 1830 and 1910

Notes:  Slip

Ballad - Roud Number: 2652

Title: Auld Robin Gray

First Line: When the sheep are in the fauld, and a' the kye at hame

Authors:  Barnard, Anne, Lady, 1750-1825

Themes:  Lovers parted

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Sheet - Harding B 25(412)

Imprint Names:  Pitts, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1802 and 1819

Notes:  Slip

Ballad - Roud Number: V11976

Title: The contented wife

First Line: A wife I have been for this seven long years

Themes:  Marriage - women

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Sheet - Harding B 26(412)

Imprint Names:  Haly

Imprint Locations:  Cork

Date  18--

Notes:  Slip

Ballad - Roud Number: V5254

Title: Maid of Tralee (English)

First Line: One day as I chanced to rove

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Sheet - Firth b.27(412)

Imprint Names:  The Poet's box

Imprint Locations:  Glasgow

Date  1865

Notes:  Imprint defaced Slip

Ballad - Roud Number: 13210

Title: Calico printer's clerk

First Line: In Manchester, that city

Subjects:  Manchester (England)

Themes:  Dancing

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Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod11238

IconClass Codes:
71A412: Eve takes the fruit

Sheet - Harding B 41(2v)

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Notes:  Cropped; lacking the illustration.

Ballad - Roud Number: 20211

Title: Mr. Edwin's new four and twenty fidlers

First Line: Four-and-twenty fidlers all on a row

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Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod6490

IconClass Codes:
46B21: Merchant, salesman
46B412: Selling

Sheet - Firth c.16(412)

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Notes:  Torn top edge; top right corner missing

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V1534

Title: Never take the horseshoe from the door

First Line: There's a story handed down in Irish history

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V5158

Title: The opinions of ... workin[g] ...

First Line: [I] stood beside a factory whe[re]...

Themes:  Working class

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Illustration - 2nd Illustration on Bod18017

IconClass Codes:
25FF412: Salamander (fabulous animal); salamander as spirit of fire

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod2261

IconClass Codes:
46A14: Farmers
48C514: Picture, painting
11P31521: Monk(s), friar(s)
71A412: Eve takes the fruit

Illustration - 3rd Illustration on Bod5981

IconClass Codes:
32B321: African negroes
46C24: Sailing-ship, sailing-boat
46A181: Slave-trade
46B412: Selling

Illustration - 2nd Illustration on Bod2059

IconClass Codes:
25F25(ELEPHANT): Trunked animals: elephant
25G3(PALM-TREE): Trees: palm-tree
25K1: Landscapes in tropical and sub-tropical regions
43C111232: Lion hunt
43C1(+412): Sports, games ~ animals (+ firearms)

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod13164

IconClass Codes:
34B11: Dog
31A4153: Crutches
49M32: Book
41D263: Walking-stick, staff
31D11221: Boy (child between toddler and youth)
31D5: Young versus old age; young and old
49B(+4): Scholastic education, tuition (+ pupil)
31A412: Deaf, deafness

Edition - Bod4311

Imprint Names:  Cohen, I.S.

Imprint Locations:  San Francisco, Calif.

Imprint: Published and Sold Wholesale and Retail by I.S. Cohen, No. 912 Kearny Street, San Francisco. S.F. Printing Co., 412 Commercial St.


Title: Don't you grieve after me

First Line: I once knew a girl, her name was Susy Horner

Performers:  Sweatman, Billy

Performance Locations:  Alhambra Theatre

Themes:  Blackface minstrelsy

Harding B 18(139)

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Edition - Bod477

Imprint Names:  Laurie and Whittle

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  1805

Imprint: Publish'd Novr. 20, 1805, by Laurie & Whittle, 53, Fleet Street, London

Series Identifier: 412

Ballad - Roud Number: 1292

Title: John Appleby, a whimsical old ballad

First Line: John Appleby was a mans name, and he liv'd near the sign of the kettle

Performers:  Fawcett, John, 1768-1837

Johnson Ballads fol. 75

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