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Illustrations - 7986
Items - 115
Editions - 99
Sailors - 8
Murder - 5
Naval - 4
Disguise - 3
Drinking - 3

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41D262 - 733
41A16 - 709
31AA231 - 594
33C21 - 522
41C741(+1) - 519

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1650-1700 - 2
1700-1750 - 2
1750-1800 - 72
1800-1850 - 8
1850-1900 - 6
Ireland - 4
Liverpool (England) - 2
Nelson, Horatio Nelson, Viscount, 1758-1805 - 2
Anne, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, 1665-1714 - 1
Barbados - 1

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Bodleian Harding - 58
Bodleian Firth - 21
Bodleian John Johnson - 17
Bodleian Rare Books - 9
Bodleian Douce - 6
Bodleian Curzon - 2
Bodleian Ashmole - 1
Bodleian Wood - 1
Dibdin, Charles, 1745-1814 - 4
Campbell, Thomas, 1777-1844 - 2
Anderson, Mr. - 1
Bayly, N.T.H. (Nathaniel Thomas Haynes), 1797-1839 - 1
Bowers, E. - 1

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Middleton, Mr. - 2
Mountain, Rosemond, 1768-1841 - 2
Deighton - 1
Dibdin, Charles, 1745-1814 - 1
Dighton, Robert, 1752-1814 - 1

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Evans, J. - 64
[s.n.] - 11
Evans, J. and Co. - 6
Birmingham, W. - 4
Harkness, J. - 2

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London - 79
[s.l.] - 11
Dublin - 4
Vauxhall Gardens - 3
Preston - 2

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Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod7288

IconClass Codes:
41A16: Rural housing, e.g. country-house, villa, cottage
31D12: Youth, adolescent
41A54: Fence, wall, paling
43C4154: 'jeu de volant', badminton

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod2843

IconClass Codes:
41A711: Table
41A721: Chair
44B191: Crown (symbol of sovereignty)
42B742: Mother and child(ren), woman and child(ren) (family group)
42A3: Mother and baby or young child
43C4154: 'jeu de volant', badminton
41A431: Carpet, rug
61BB2(Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, 1819-1901): Historical person (with NAME) - BB - woman

Sheet - Harding B 28(41)

Imprint Names:  Armstrong, W.

Imprint Locations:  Liverpool

Date  between 1820 and 1824

1st Ballad

Title: Mon at Mr. Grundy's

First Line: Good law a things are autert na

Themes:  Social status

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: 193

Title: A new song, called Sweet Lemminy

First Line: As I was a walking, it was one summer's morning

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Sheet - Ashm. G 16(41)

Imprint Names:  Rydal, E.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  1681


Title: The new Catholick ballad

First Line: Good people all to me give ear

Tune: Chevy chase


ESTC: R12305

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Sheet - Harding B 41(5)

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Notes:  An engraving.

Ballad - Roud Number: V22648

Title: Hoot awa the loon

First Line: When weary Sol gang'd down the West

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Sheet - Curzon b.41(63)

Imprint Names:  Such, H.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  [1840]

Series Identifier: 141

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V497

Title: [Remo]val of Napoleon Buonaparte's ash[es]

First Line: Attend, you gallant Britons bold

Subjects:  Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, 1769-1821

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: 17497

Title: Speak of a man as you find him

First Line: Oh, speak of a man as we find him

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Sheet - Don. b.13(41)

Imprint Names:  Coles, F.Vere, T.Wright, J.Clarke, J.Thackeray, W.Passinger, T.

Imprint Locations:  LondonLondonLondonLondonLondonLondon

Date  between 1678 and 1680


Title: The ingenious braggadocia

First Line: I have a mare her colour is white

Tune: Cook Laurel


ESTC: R216440

Themes:  WealthAdulteryCuckoldry

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Illustration - 2nd Illustration on Bod57

IconClass Codes:
41A12: Castle

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod2116

IconClass Codes:
25G41: Flowers

Illustration - 2nd Illustration on Bod2215

IconClass Codes:
41A12: Castle

Illustration - 4th Illustration on Bod852

IconClass Codes:
25G41: Flowers

Illustration - 3rd Illustration on Bod2244

IconClass Codes:
41D224: Sleeves

Illustration - 6th Illustration on Bod5684

IconClass Codes:
41A191: Tent

Illustration - 4th Illustration on Bod4834

IconClass Codes:
41A11: Palace

Illustration - 5th Illustration on Bod4834

IconClass Codes:
41B214: Chimney

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod1262

IconClass Codes:
41A12: Castle

Illustration - 2nd Illustration on Bod1359

IconClass Codes:
41A3281: Key

Illustration - 3rd Illustration on Bod5891

IconClass Codes:
47D41: Watermill

Illustration - 2nd Illustration on Bod4937

IconClass Codes:
41A12: Castle

Sheet - Harding B 18(41)

Imprint Names:  De Marsan, H.

Imprint Locations:  New York, N.Y.

Date  c.1860

Notes:  Border: Military cupid.


Title: Black ey'd Mary

First Line: I'm lonesome since I crossed the saes

Tune: The girl I left behind me

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Sheet - Firth c.12(41)

Imprint Names:  Harkness, J.BentleyStewartMeadows

Imprint Locations:  PrestonBradfordNewcastleHalshaw Moor

Date  between 1840 and 1866

Notes:  Harding B 11(438) is another edition.

Series Identifier: 81

1st Ballad - Roud Number: 522

Title: Brave Nelson

First Line: The twenty-first day of October

Subjects:  Nelson, Horatio Nelson, Viscount, 1758-1805

Themes:  Trafalgar, battle of, 1805

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: 455

Title: The 'prentice boy

First Line: 'Twas down by Sally's garden one evening as I strayed

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Sheet - Harding B 5(41)

Imprint Names:  Dicey, W. and C.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1736 and 1763


Title: The jolly Crispin's garland

First Line: Two princely brethren once there were


ESTC: T130513

Themes:  Shoemakers

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Sheet - Wood 401(41)

Imprint Names:  Andrews, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  [c.1655]

Ballad - Roud Number: 3986

Title: Robin Hoods delight. Or, A merry combat fought between Robin Hood, Little John, and Will Scarelock, and three stout keepers in Sheerwood Forrest

First Line: There is some will talk of lords & knights

Tune: Robin Hood, and Queen Katherine


ESTC: R182809

Subjects:  Robin Hood (legendary character)

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Sheet - Harding B 41(2)

Imprint Names:  [s.n.]

Imprint Locations:  [s.l.]

Ballad - Roud Number: V7521

Title: Johnny and Mary

First Line: Down the bourn and thro' the mead

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Sheet - Douce Ballads 4(41)

Imprint Names:  Pitts, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1802 and 1819

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V4773

Title: A new summons to Horn fair

First Line: You horned fumbling cuckolds

Themes:  Cuckoldry

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V4776

Title: A new summons to all the merry wagtail jades that attend at Horn fair

First Line: Come all you merry jades

Themes:  Cuckoldry

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