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Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod1296

IconClass Codes:
46C24(SHIP): Sailing-ship, sailing-boat (with NAME)
47I141: Reaping, picking, mowing ~ harvest
47I15(PLOUGH): Agricultural implements: plough
47I213: Sheep
46B: Trade, commerce and finance
47I: Agriculture, cattle-breeding, horticulture, flowerculture, etc.
47I1421: Sheaf
47I15(HARROW): Agricultural implements: harrow

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod7749

IconClass Codes:
46A122(PRINCE OF WALES)3: Armorial bearing, heraldry (with NAME of family) - device, motto
47I15(PLOUGH): Agricultural implements: plough
44A1: Coat of arms (as symbol of the state, etc.)
46B4941: Merchant shipping, shipping trade
47K: Commercial fishery
46B0: Allegory of trade; 'Commertio della vita humana' (Ripa)
86(ONE AND ALL): Proverbs, sayings, etc. (with TEXT)

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod2875

IconClass Codes:
46C24(SHIP): Sailing-ship, sailing-boat (with NAME)
44A51(GREAT BRITAIN): Personifications of countries, nations, states, districts, etc. (with NAME)
47I15(PLOUGH): Agricultural implements: plough
25F23(LION): Beasts of prey, predatory animals: lion
92B58(CADUCEUS): Caduceus (staff with two snakes, attribute of Mercury)
47I14: Harvest
31A72: Female sex; woman
47I15(HARROW): Agricultural implements: harrow
46B49: Import and export

Illustration - 1st Illustration on Bod4114

IconClass Codes:
31A2543: Gripping someone by the hand or the wrist; clasped hands
45D323: Sailor
33C21: Courting
46C215(ANCHOR): Parts of ship's exterior: anchor
41A3361: Human figure at (open) window, seen from outside
47I15(PLOUGH): Agricultural implements: plough

4 results found Page 1 of 1

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