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Edition - Bod6962

Imprint Names:  Catnach, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1813 and 1838

Imprint: Printed and Sold by Jas. Catnach, Monmouth-Court, Seven Dials

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V1936

Title: The mountain maid

First Line: The mountain maid from her bow'r has hied

Performers:  Sinclair, John, 1791-1857

Notes:  The text is reprinted elsewhere on the sheet.

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: 1251

Title: Ere around the huge oak

First Line: Ere around the huge oak that o'ershadows yon mill

3rd Ballad - Roud Number: 13229

Title: Buy a broom

First Line: From Teutchland I came with my light wares all laden

Performers:  Vestris (Lucia Elizabeth Mathews), Madame, 1797-1856

Notes:  Verse and prose

Themes:  Street tradersImmigrants - Great Britain

4th Ballad - Roud Number: V8085

Title: Love's labour lost

First Line: Young love in a transport exclaim'd

Performers:  Vestris (Lucia Elizabeth Mathews), Madame, 1797-1856

5th Ballad - Roud Number: V2897

Title: On banks of blushing roses

First Line: Young Pleasure like a swain array'd

6th Ballad - Roud Number: V12869

Title: Irish melody

First Line: O the days are gone by when beauty bright

7th Ballad - Roud Number: V2068

Title: Country sports

First Line: Happy is a country life

Themes:  Rural society

8th Ballad - Roud Number: V3455

Title: The wake of Teddy Roe

First Line: In Dublin that city of riches and fame

Subjects:  Ireland

Themes:  Irish wakes

9th Ballad - Roud Number: V3588

Title: March to the battle field

First Line: March to the battlefield

Performers:  Braham, John, 1774-1856

10th Ballad - Roud Number: V13839

Title: Sing to love a roundelay

First Line: Oh, love is the fairy power

11th Ballad - Roud Number: V2050

Title: My native land, good-night

First Line: Adieu! adieu! my native shore

Authors:  Byron, George Gordon Byron, Baron, 1788-1824

12th Ballad - Roud Number: V7380

Title: Jamie of Dundee

First Line: I canna like ye, gentle sir

Edition - Bod1841

Imprint Names:  Pitts, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1819 and 1844

Imprint: Pitts Printer Wholesale toy and marble warehouse, 6, Great st Andrew street 7 dials

Notes:  Johnson Ballads 735 is another issue.

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V13403

Title: She's down in the village a waiting for me

First Line: They tell us that Venus arose from the sea

Themes:  Mythology, classical

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: 23104

Title: The merry little soldier

First Line: [I]'m a merry little soldier

Subjects:  India

Themes:  MilitarySoldiers

3rd Ballad - Roud Number: V5569

Title: Far over land

First Line: Far over land far over wave, a pilgrim I am roaming

4th Ballad - Roud Number: 2678

Title: She's failed in her truth

First Line: And has she then fail'd in her truth

Themes:  Rejected suitor

5th Ballad - Roud Number: 7759

Title: Why are you wandering here I pray?

First Line: Why are you wandering her[e] I pray?

Performers:  Vestris (Lucia Elizabeth Mathews), Madame, 1797-1856

Performance Locations:  Haymarket Theatre

Themes:  SeductionRural society

6th Ballad - Roud Number: V1749

Title: Gallant trobadour [sic]

First Line: Glowing with love on fire for [fame]

7th Ballad

Title: The queen of May

First Line: When the winter is gone and [the summer] is come

Themes:  Rural societyMay day

Firth b.26(143)

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Harding B 11(299)

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Johnson Ballads 733

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Johnson Ballads 734

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Edition - Bod6670

Imprint Names:  Pitts, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1819 and 1844

Imprint: Printed and Sold by J. Pitts, Toy Warehouse 6, Great St. Andrew Street, Seven Dials

Notes:  See also Harding B 11(3005)

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V419

Title: Plain gold ring

First Line: He was a knight of low degree

Performers:  Vestris (Lucia Elizabeth Mathews), Madame, 1797-1856

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V7487

Title: The huntsmen

First Line: Dull night leaves the sky, and the bright god of day

Tune: Queen of may

Themes:  Hunting

3rd Ballad - Roud Number: V347

Title: Cherry ripe

First Line: Cherry ripe, ripe, ripe, I cry

Themes:  Street traders

4th Ballad - Roud Number: V19755

Title: Origin of bubble and squeak

First Line: Down in our village there lived with the squire

Tune: When in death

5th Ballad - Roud Number: V30669

Title: The last farewell

First Line: O fare you well young William cried

Tune: Wanderer

Themes:  Death

6th Ballad - Roud Number: V34701

Title: We tars have a maxim

First Line: We tars have a maxim your honours dye see

Themes:  Sailors

7th Ballad - Roud Number: V396

Title: Stand to your guns

First Line: Stand to your guns my hearts of oak

Themes:  Naval

Firth b.26(122)

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Harding B 11(3004)

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Johnson Ballads 944

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