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Edition - Bod3038

Imprint Names:  Taylor, T.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1859 and 1899

Imprint: Taylor, Printer, 92 & 93, Brick Lane, Spitalfields

Ballad - Roud Number: 13886

Title: To all you ladies

First Line: To all you ladies now on land

Harding B 15(334a)

Notes:  The illustration and the text are separately printed items. Slip

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Edition - Bod14038

Imprint Names:  Pitts, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1819 and 1844

Imprint: Pitts Printer Toy and Marble warehouse 6, Great st, Andre[w] street Dials

1st Ballad - Roud Number: 13886

Title: Glee, -- (three voices)

First Line: To all you ladies now at land

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V22054

Title: The Englishman's wife; God bless her

First Line: A full glass of brandy come fill full for me

Themes:  Marriage

3rd Ballad - Roud Number: V16448

Title: Parody; \"on love was once a little boy

First Line: I love a little lass, oh dear

4th Ballad - Roud Number: V1244

Title: Parody on the minstrel boy

First Line: The fiddler's boy to the fair has gone

Themes:  FairsMusicians

5th Ballad - Roud Number: V18439

Title: Guy Fawkes

First Line: I sing a doleful tragedy: Guy Fawkes the prince of sinisters

Subjects:  Fawkes, Guy, 1570-1606

Themes:  Guy Fawkes day

6th Ballad - Roud Number: V640

Title: Move on there, or the devil and the watchman

First Line: Charley was a watchman rare

Subjects:  London (England)

Themes:  Watchmen

7th Ballad - Roud Number: V18590

Title: The sweets of love

First Line: Life with all its fading joys

8th Ballad - Roud Number: V2849

Title: Sally and Billy, or the fatal repulse

First Line: Young Billy went a courting

Themes:  Murder

9th Ballad - Roud Number: V20592

Title: The midnight serenade

First Line: Now when half the world is dreamine [sic]

Themes:  Night

10th Ballad - Roud Number: V31317

Title: A lover's entreaty

First Line: Now your old dad is dreaming, love

11th Ballad - Roud Number: V1050

Title: The frozen river

First Line: When winter chains from shore to shore

12th Ballad - Roud Number: V27488

Title: Parody ou [sic] 'Isable' [sic]

First Line: Wake, dearest wake, while the gas lamps are glaring

13th Ballad - Roud Number: V5948

Title: Very well I did it at the price sir

First Line: When I left my native village to see this jolly town

Themes:  Countryman in London

Harding B 11(863)

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Edition - Bod9648

Imprint Names:  King, T.Green, G.

Imprint Locations:  BirminghamLondon

Date  c.1845

Imprint: Printed by T. King, Birmingham, and sold by G. Green, at his Music Stall, near the Turnpike, City Road, and at Featherstone-street, City Road

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V26484

Title: The renowned Jack Sheppard. A new comic medley

First Line: Prison scenes & Newgate dramas seem all the go

Authors:  Hardwick, J.A.

Subjects:  Sheppard, John, 1702-1724

Themes:  Highwaymen

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: 13886

Title: To all you ladies! A celebrated glee

First Line: To all you ladies now on land

Firth c.17(37)

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Harding B 11(3257)

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Johnson Ballads 1429

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Edition - Bod15912

Imprint Names:  Catnach, J.

Imprint Locations:  London

Date  between 1813 and 1838

Imprint: Printed and Published by J. Catnach, 2, Monmouth-Court, 7 Dials

1st Ballad - Roud Number: V4094

Title: Deeds of the brave

First Line: Deeds of the brave inspire a noble strain

Performers:  Braham, John, 1774-1856

Themes:  Soldiers

2nd Ballad - Roud Number: V2888

Title: Love among the roses

First Line: Young Love flew to the Paphian bower

3rd Ballad
4th Ballad - Roud Number: V446

Title: Draw the sword, Scotland

First Line: Draw the sword Scotland, Scotland, Scotland

Themes:  Scotland

5th Ballad - Roud Number: 13886

Title: Glee. (Three voices)

First Line: To all you ladies now at land

6th Ballad - Roud Number: V26763

Title: The green-wood shade

First Line: To an arbor of woodbine ye both shall be led

7th Ballad - Roud Number: V932

Title: Oh! 'tis love

First Line: Oh! 'tis love, 'tis love, 'tis love

8th Ballad - Roud Number: V1847

Title: Old England for ever shall weather, &c

First Line: Old England thy stamina never has yielded

Subjects:  England

Themes:  Patriotism

9th Ballad - Roud Number: V4788

Title: A bundle of conundrums

First Line: While in your favour basking

Performers:  Keeley,Robert, 1793-1869

Notes:  Verse and prose

10th Ballad - Roud Number: V6713

Title: A dawn of hope

First Line: A dawn of hope my soul revives

11th Ballad - Roud Number: V601

Title: A favourite song

First Line: Softly sound the martial trumpet

12th Ballad - Roud Number: 13449

Title: Home! sweet home!

First Line: Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam

Authors:  Payne, John Howard, 1791-1852

Performers:  Bradshaw, Ann Maria, 1801-1862

13th Ballad - Roud Number: 8690

Title: Loch-Eroch side

First Line: As I came by Loch-Eroch side

14th Ballad - Roud Number: V13573

Title: The forsaken shepherdess

First Line: Beneath some hoary mountain

Themes:  Seduction and abandonment

15th Ballad - Roud Number: V25152

Title: The mermaid's song

First Line: Now the dancing sun-beams play

16th Ballad - Roud Number: V17114

Title: O had I been &c

First Line: O had I been by fate decreed

Attributation: Sung in Love in a village

17th Ballad - Roud Number: V3169

Title: The cottager's daughter

First Line: Down in yon valley my father does dwell

18th Ballad - Roud Number: V6379

Title: Where is my Lubin

First Line: Ah! where is my Lubin! ye songsters ah where!

Performers:  Bland, Maria Theresa, 1769-1838

19th Ballad - Roud Number: V7486

Title: Chorus of huntsmen in Der Freishutz [sic]

First Line: What equals on earth the delight of the hunsman [sic]

Authors:  Weber, Carl Maria von, 1786-1826

Themes:  Hunting

20th Ballad

Title: [None]

First Line: Here we meet too soon to part

Attributation: The words from Clare's poems

Authors:  Clare, John, 1793-1864

Performers:  Stephens, Catherine, 1794-1882

21st Ballad - Roud Number: V2868

Title: Parody on the Rose-bud of summer

First Line: When gooseberries grow on the stem of a daisy

22nd Ballad - Roud Number: V3168

Title: The cottager's daughter. A favourite son[g]

First Line: Ah! tell me, ye swains, have you seen my Pastora

Harding B 36(5)

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