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Printed and Published by J.V. Quick, 5, Weston-place, King's Cross, London


Ballad - Roud Number: V13163

Title: The gas lamp lighters' poems

First Line: Again old time the merry season brings

Themes:  ReligionChristmas

1st Illustration

IconClass Codes:
44A1(+5)(LAMPLIGHTERS): Coat of arms (as symbol of the state, etc.) (+ society)

2nd Illustration

IconClass Codes:
44A1(+2)(GREAT BRITAIN): Coat of arms (as symbol of the state, etc.) (+ nation; national)
46A122(VICTORIA)1: Armorial bearing, heraldry (with NAME of family) - coat of arms

3rd Illustration

IconClass Codes:
44A1(+4)(LONDON): Coat of arms (as symbol of the state, etc.) (+ city; municipal)

4th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
41A14: Urban housing
41A325: Threshold
46B44: Paying (~ commerce) (here also repayment of debt, etc.)
46D33: Delivery (of newspaper)

5th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
25I141: Street
44E2: Street lighting
41A343: Ladder

6th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
11H(MATTHEW): The apostle and evangelist Matthew (Mattheus); possible attributes: angel, axe, book, halberd, pen and inkhorn, purse, scroll, square, sword

7th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
11H(LUKE): Luke the evangelist; possible attributes: book, (winged) ox, portrait of the Virgin, surgical instruments, painter's utensils, scroll

8th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
25I141: Street
44E2: Street lighting
41A343: Ladder

9th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
25I141: Street
44E2: Street lighting
31A2731: Falling
41A343: Ladder

10th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
11H(MARK): Mark (Marcus) the evangelist, and bishop of Alexandria; possible attributes: book, (winged) lion, pen and inkhorn, scroll

11th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
11H(JOHN): The apostle John the Evangelist; possible attributes: book, cauldron, chalice with snake, eagle, palm, scroll

12th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
25D4512: Gasholder, gas tank

13th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
25D4511: Gasworks

14th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
73B25: adoration of the Christ-child by the shepherds; Mary and Joseph present

15th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
73D6: The crucifixion of Christ: Christ's death on the cross; Golgotha (Matthew 27:45-58; Mark 15:33-45; Luke 23:44-52; John 19:25-38)

16th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
46A17: Working class, labourers
31AA231(+3): Standing figure - AA - female human figure (+ sideview, profile)

17th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
31A231(+3): Standing figure (+ sideview, profile)
31A244: Head bent forward; bowing
31A5331: Wig

18th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
47I15(SPADE): Agricultural implements: spade
42F51: Maid ~ house personnel

19th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
41D263: Walking-stick, staff
31AA231(+3): Standing figure - AA - female human figure (+ sideview, profile)
25G411: Cut flowers; nosegay, bunch of flowers

20th Illustration

IconClass Codes:
31A231: Standing figure
31A2511(+81): Arm raised upward (+ male human being (not to be used where -A- is prescribed))


Shelfmark: Harding B 37(8)

Notes:  Sheet divided; text and illustration reassembled on the page of this volume.

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